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add clickable link to pdf

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Select Export in the left pane to expand the Adobe Export PDF menu

Choose page layout from the options (how you want slides added to your word document)Click OK

add clickable link to pdf

Word will open with handouts createdTo save the Powerpoint as a PDF: Click the File tabClick Save a Copy Select the location you want to save it from the Save A Copy column

add clickable link to pdf

Name the file and select PDF (*pdf) from the menu below the file name

add clickable link to pdf

How can I add an animated gif in PowerPoint?To add an animated GIF to a PowerPoint presentation: Search online for the appropriate GIF file that you are seeking

For example, you can do a search on Google Images for cat gif, then click on one so that it opensThis option is selected by default

Note: If this option isn't available in the Page Display preferences, you may have to update your GPU card driver to enable this hardware featureContact your card vendor or computer manufacturer for an updated driver

Page Content And Information Show Large Images: Displays large imagesIf your system is slow to display image-intensive pages, deselect this option

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