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There might be some programs that work better with an older version of Windows than an updated oneIf you are using an Adobe version that is not compatible with the current version of Windows, run it in compatibility mode

mac pdf printer

To do so, follow these steps: Right-click on the Adobe Acrobat shortcut and go to PropertiesNavigate to the Compatibility tab in the Properties windowCheck the box for Compatibility mode

mac pdf printer

Choose any older Windows version from the available optionsTap on Apply and hit OK

mac pdf printer

Enabling compatibility mode If compatibility were the problem, Adobe would begin opening PDF as usual

If not, make sure you turn off compatibility mode before implementing the rest of the fixes on this listMake sure all your fonts are embedded in your file and it’s a good idea to send your printer all fonts used in your project as well

Why You Should Always Send PDFs to A Printer When working with a commercial printer, in most cases, the exchange of digital files is requiredThe files you send to your printer are the source files that are used to produce your printed project

The PDF file is easier for printers to process without the time and effort required to export a file and allows the client to quickly upload their filesA PDF file is the best format to send because it has the perfect balance of file size, portability, editability, compatibility and quality

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